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How To Bid Smarter On Google Ads, Spend Less, & Outperform Your Competition

Do you want your business to appear first in every search result for the keywords that bring you the most business? Of course you do! But, unless you have bottomless pockets, you’ve probably started to settle for second and third positions, or maybe you’re just happy if you appear on the first page at [...]

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Creating and Using Facebook Audiences: The Ultimate Guide

Advertising on Facebook can be an extremely lucrative addition to your marketing strategy, but only if you know what you’re doing. You need to have a solid understanding of Facebook’s advertising platform if you want to make the most of your ad spend. One of the most important aspects of advertising on Facebook is [...]

How to Market Your Business Online

Best Ways to Market Your Business using Digital Marketing The age of digital marketing is here! If you missed the bandwagon, you might be feeling a little left behind. But no fear, you are not too late, yet... I’ll be honest, online marketing can be a BEAST and it takes a village to [...]

Why You Need a Business Mentor Now!

Importance of a Mentor Why you need a Business Mentor If a billionaire, like Phil Knight of Nike or Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA, walked into the same room as you, what would be the only question you ask them? Would it be something along the lines of how did they do it? How did they [...]

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