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Our Team

Linear is a data-driven digital advertising agency focused on helping our clients grow through efficient PPC, CRO, and landing page design services.

Linear began with one CMO who was tired of lousy agency experiences. He imagined what marketing teams could accomplish with an agency equally committed to the business’s goals.

What grew from that focus is our current team–a group of expert designers and marketers passionate about fueling digital advertising growth for businesses of all sizes.

Brock Anderson

Account Manager

John Toral

Senior CRO Designer

Luke Heinecke

Mid-Market Manager

Grant Jones

CRO Director

Ian Thompson

Account Manager

Clytie Robinette

Account Manager

Ariana Harris

Director of Content

Tracen Fitzpatrick

Brand Videographer

Lauren Brockmeier


Brook Edmondson

PPC Team Lead

Hayden Weichers

Sales Director

Bailey Jensen

Account Manager

Ashton Berube

CRO Designer

Brandon Christensen

CRO Designer

Kona Shrute

Assistant to the Branch Manager