Penji lowered their cost per sign up by 35% and increased conversions by 714%

Their Story

Penji makes it easy and affordable to get high-quality graphic designs for your business. As a fast-growing startup Penji came to Linear for an advertising partner that could help them scale quickly and efficiently. Linear’s team analyzed conversion paths, optimized landing pages, and expanded paid advertising on all channels.

It’s been hard to find a partner that really understands our brand without a lot of hand-holding. Linear picked things up quickly and we’ve been able to completely trust them to design and launch creative.”

Khai Tran

Chief Executive Officer @ Penji

What we did.

Linear’s expert team dedicates personal attention to helping clients succeed.

  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Continuous A/B Testing
  • The Wedge Method
  • Specific Intent Campaigns
  • Facebook + LinkedIn Campaigns

The Results.

In the first 3-months of working with Linear, Penji achieved 3-digit conversion growth.

Total Conversions
Conversion Rates
Cost Per Acquisition

“Aside from the results, the best thing about working with Linear is the transparency. We’ve learned what does and doesn’t work and been able to apply those learnings in other areas.”

Khai Tran
CEO/Co-Founder – Penji

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