Castle of Chaos cut their CPA in half and doubled their return on ad spend

Their Story

Castle of Chaos is Utah’s longest-running haunted attraction. After working with several other agencies, they partnered with Linear to make their paid advertising more profitable. Linear’s team optimized all their paid advertising channels and designed new ads, landing pages, and pop-ups.

Marketing is where we spend the most money — up to $100k in a single month. The first year of working with Linear we gained about 10% in revenue, but now going into our third year and our revenue is up more than 75% from when we started.

James Bernard

Founder @ Castle of Chaos

What we did.

Linear’s expert team dedicates personal attention to helping clients succeed.

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups + RLSA
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Continuous A/B Testing
  • Direct Facebook + Instagram Campaigns
  • Custom Banner Ads

The Results.

Within the first six months of working with Linear conversions had increased by 200%.

Total Conversions
Return On Ad Spend
Cost Per Acquisition

“We’ve been with Linear for 3-years now and our revenue is up 75% since hiring them. I like the responsiveness and professionalism — they’ve done everything I hired them to do…”

James Bernard
Founder – Castle of Chaos

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