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Castle of Chaos is an iconic attraction in Salt Lake City, Utah that offers year-round entertainment including escape rooms, chaos mysteries, space rental, and a seasonal haunted house.

The Results

Castle of Chaos came to Linear after working with another agency that wasn’t providing the design, content, reporting, and results they required. Linear created videos and written content helped design landing pages, and strategize all new campaigns for search, display, and social. Site traffic started to go up right from the start more than doubling in the first month. Conversion rates followed the same pattern, and both site traffic and conversion rates continue to climb month after month. After only six months of working together, we were able to increase conversions by 940% and increase their conversion rates a mind-blowing 948%. Just over a year later, and numbers have continued to improve every month.

+ 948%

Increase in Conversion Rate

+ 940%

Increase of Conversions

+ 444%

Increase in eCommerce Revenue

How We Did It

Brilliant Video Ads

Making cinematic teasers for use in Ads was a must for Castle of Chaos. So we strapped on our gear and put the Sony A7S II to the test shooting video in ultra-low lighting conditions.

Refined PPC Strategy

We built a brand new structure for search and display networks, added negative keywords and audiences, improved bid strategies, and set up remarketing campaigns.

Custom Landing Pages

We designed search specific landing pages and used rapid-fire A/B testing to narrow down on our best performers. Then, we put Hotjar to use for continual improvements.

“I started working with Linear about 6 months ago, and they’ve already done an excellent job re-imaging my business. They created the website and social presence that I’ve wanted for so many years. I’m especially impressed with their personal touch!”
James Bernard, Castle of Chaos

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