What’s the most underutilized web page across the entire customer journey?

Hint: it’s not your checkout page, or your newsletter sign-up form.

It’s your thank you page.

While most marketers hastily throw together thank you pages as an afterthought, they deserve far more attention than they receive. In fact, thank you pages have huge potential to help nurture your relationship with your customers, shoot ROI and conversions through the roof, and boost customer loyalty.

Thank you pages are a bit like Hawkeye from The Avengers. They’re underrated and overlooked, but when used correctly, they can be a powerful asset to the team.

hawkeye gif

Poor Hawkeye

In this post, we’ll explain exactly why the thank you page is such a big deal, break down the ideal thank you page, and show you 23 amazing examples of brands that get the thank you page RIGHT.

Let’s jump in.

Why Does Your Thank You Page Matter?

There is a really simple reason your thank you page is so important.

It’s the very first step in one of two critical journeys:

  1. The lead nurturing journey
  2. The customer retention journey

In the first example, they’ve just signed up for some form of lead magnet and have now officially become your lead. And whether you’ve invested $20 in your lead magnet or $20,000, that lead magnet likely won’t be their first experience with you as your lead… instead that first experience is the thank you page.

This is a big moment in 2020. People don’t just hand out their emails all willy nilly anymore. Your lead has effectively indicated that they trust you enough to hand over their personal information and shown they want to learn more about your business. It’s a crucial step in going from ‘Anonymous User’ to a lead that could drive revenue for your business.

In this case, your page is an opportunity to build up trust with your new lead, let them know their valuable data is in safe hands, and even encourage them to try out your product or service.

In the second example, you’ve just accomplished one of THE most important goals your business has. You have converted a new customer. Now the customer retention journey begins, and their very first experience as a new customer is NOT with your product… it’s with your thank you page.

This is a great opportunity to confirm your value for the customer and leverage that goodwill into great engagement, whether it looks like buying more products immediately, recommending your brand, or securing some sort of reward.

When leveraged correctly, these opportunities can be huge assets for your business. When ignored or treated as an afterthought (as they often are) they will be completely useless to you and can even backfire.

backfire gif

That’s gonna leave a mark ?

There are plenty of moments just like this, where thank you pages can be used throughout the buyer journey. Here are some more examples of how a thank you page can help improve customer experience and ROI:

  • Once a lead fills out a contact form to request more information. In this case, your thank you page is a great way to kick start the relationship, build trust and set expectations around when they can expect to be contacted.
  • After a customer makes an appointment or a reservation. On top of confirming that you’ve received their appointment, your page can redirect them to information about extra services you offer, or a list of things to know before arriving at their appointment.
  • When a visitor opts in to download an eBook or access a webinar. Once they’ve given you their information, this is time to make good on your promise and deliver the goods, invite them to share with others, and recommend additional content that might be interesting.

The list goes on, but you get the point. A thank you page shouldn’t just be a dead-end on your website. When done right, it’s an incredibly strategic first touchpoint for a lead or customer as they enter a new phase in their relationships with you.

So how do you write a killer thank you page?

The 3 Essential Elements Of An Awesome Thank You Page

As you probably gathered by now, there are a ton of opportunities to use a thank you page.

But regardless of whether you’re thanking someone for signing up to your newsletter or making a purchase, there are a few essential elements every great thank you page should have.

1. Express Your Gratitude

Not to be Captain Obvious here, but the first thing your thank you page needs to do is say the words.

Regardless of all the secondary goals your thank you page can achieve — increasing time on site, boosting referrals, and so on — its primary goal is to show gratitude, and confirm that the user’s action was successful.

Ultimately, keep in mind that your visitor did something you wanted. Your thank you page is the moment to make it clear that you appreciate what they did. It’s also a way to humanize your brand and let them know that there’s a real person on the other side of the website.

2. Tell Them What To Expect Next

After someone converts, their main question is probably “what’s next?”

They might want to know when their order is arriving, how to redeem their offer, or when someone will be in touch with them on the next steps. Your thank you page is the moment to spell out what’s going down next.

How do you do this?

Simple. Tell them what’s going to happen next, as clearly as possible.

If they made a purchase, let them know when they’ll get their order. If they opted in for a download, send them through the link. You get the point, but in case you don’t, here’s a great example of this point in action:

thank you page example hubspot

HubSpot doesn’t leave you wondering what to expect.

And finally, don’t forget to deliver on that promise. If you tell your lead that someone’s going to contact them in 24 hours, make good on your end of the bargain — or you might just end up losing their trust.

3. Encourage Further Action

Someone who has just chosen to take a step forward in their relationship with you, whether by virtue of becoming a lead or a customer, is in an ideal place for an invitation to further action.

That’s why the third piece of your thank you page should always be some form of encouragement or call to take further action or engage further with your brand.

There are quite a few directions you can take this:

  • Invite them to recommend you to others
  • Invite them to engage with a relevant resource
  • Invite them to provide feedback
  • Invite them to take some form of onboarding action
  • Invite them to navigate to some other portion of your site
  • Invite them to make an additional purchase
  • Invite them to claim a reward

That’s just the tip of the iceberg but you get the idea…

Here’s a great example from Wistia that does the trick perfectly (no pun intended).

page example wistia

Here’s a thank you page that really does the trick.

In this case, the invitation relates to their onboarding, as they are attempting to create an “aha moment” for the new user.

Now that we understand the parts of a good onboarding page, let’s look at some great examples.

23 Examples Of High-Converting Thank You Pages

The following examples are taken from brands that know what they’re doing and show thank you pages that demonstrate all the right stuff.

1. Shopify Thank You Page

As part of Shopify’s website, the eCommerce giant has a blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their online store. Once a visitor is on the page, Shopify presents them with a newsletter sign-up option in the header:

shopify sign up page

Shopify sign up page.

After signing up, the header — and only the header — changes. It thanks the visitor for signing up, lets them know what to expect next, and floats the idea of a free Shopify trial.

Shopify thank you page

Shopify thank you page

The great thing about Shopify’s thank you page is that it keeps you on the same page you were on before you signed up. This keeps people on the site and invites them to continue browsing content. Plus, it reminds them that there’s a free trial up for grabs.

2. Leadpages Thank You Page

Once someone opts in for an eBook, most thank you pages direct visitors to check their email. However, Leadpages uses this as an opportunity to gather sign-ups for their upcoming webinar:

leadpages thank you page

The second yes is easier than the first.

On top of saying thank you and providing clear instructions for the next steps, Leadpages jumps on the visitor’s interest and invites them to claim their spot for a webinar.

Together with the message “Only 500 Spots Available”, this thank you page becomes a powerful tool to increase webinar sign-ups and invite prospects to continue engaging with the brand.

3. MaryFernandez.co

Sometimes, the thank you page doesn’t even need to say thank you — as long as it demonstrates appreciation and gratitude. Take a look at this thank you page that visitors receive after registering for Mary Fernandez’s webinar below:

thank you pop up mary fernandez

Ah yes, the power of social shares.

While Mary doesn’t explicitly say “thank you” on her page, she does include a personal message, a photo and a confirmation that the visitor is all registered. These all work together to say “thank you”, while building anticipation for the webinar.

The social shares are also a nice touch to boost shareability and encourage participants to invite like-minded friends to join in.

4. SimplyMeasured Thank You Page

Back before SimplyMeasured was part of Sprout Social, they had their own website and were churning out useful resources for marketers. After signing up to receive one of their free guides, users landed on this thank you page:

simply measured thank you page

? For great instructions

While they don’t provide an instant download link, SimplyMeasured does provide really specific instructions on what to do after the request has been sent. They confirm the guide has been delivered, and even remind people to check the junk mail folder in case they didn’t get it — a nice touch.

5. KickResume Thank You Page

As its name suggests, KickResume is a platform that helps job-hunters create an eye-catching resume. Upon signing up for their eBook, “The Job Seeker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, job seekers wind up on this short and sweet page:

confirmation page kickresume

Social shares ✔

Here, KickResume has done one really great thing: they’ve included a CTA. By clearly stating “share it with your friends and help them get a dream job”, KickResume appeals to every job hunter’s ultimate goal. After all, who wouldn’t want to help their friends land their dream role?

6. Hubspot Thank You Page

Hubspot is the inbound marketing king, so it’s no wonder that their thank you page is on this list. With a massive library of resources, Hubspot is aware that every one of these tools is also a lead generation machine — and their thank you page is clearly primed to increase conversions.

After opting in to download an eBook, Hubspot presents visitors with this page:

thank you page hubspot

Specific CTAs

Unlike some of the other examples in this list, Hubspot’s thank you page is pretty minimalist. There are only three options: download the workbook, create an account, and contact sales.

By limiting the options, Hubspot makes it clear what people should do next. It’s a great example of using thank you pages to funnel leads through the buyer journey, and encouraging them to convert.

7. Salesforce Thank You Page

As we touched on before, thank you pages are an opportunity to direct users to browse extra pieces of content on your website. Given its role as one of the world’s leading CRM platforms, it’s no surprise that SalesForce does this really well.

After signing up for a free eBook, visitors get this page:

thank you page salesforce

Awesome personalization!

This is essentially the textbook example of a great thank you page. Salesforce thanks the visitor for providing their information, and gives a link to download the eBook straight away. Notice that the page is personalized to use the visitor’s name.

But more importantly, they recommend a similar eBook, and include a link to request a demo of the platform. These two links guide leads through the customer journey, inching them closer towards becoming a fully-fledged Salesforce customer.

8. Web Profits Thank You Page

A digital agency in the Asia-Pacific, Web Profits has one clear goal: get businesses to work with them on their marketing needs. After a prospect fills out the “contact us” form on their website, they’re presented with this thank you page:

confirmation page web profits

Video & Testimonials add a nice touch

This thank you page takes the idea of “Tell them what’s next” into overdrive. Web Profits use this page to continue selling their services by letting prospects know what happens not only after they fill out the contact form, but after they start working together.

Another awesome thing that Web Profits does? Include a video with client testimonials. This is the perfect way to build rapport and highlight their expertise.

9. Amazon Thank You Page

Amazon processes thousands of orders on a regular basis. So, it should come as no surprise that their thank you page is primed to maximize ROI.

Here’s what happens after you submit a 1-Click order on Amazon:

confirmation page amazon

Similar product suggestions are on point!

There’s a lot happening on this page, so it’s easy to miss how well-primed it is for customer experience and upsell.

First off, Amazon says thank you and confirms the purchase, and provides customers with the opportunity to review or edit their order. On top of this, they invite customers to keep browsing by presenting a list of related items and book recommendations tailored to the visitor’s order. Nice.

10. No Kid Hungry Thank You Page

What’s the first thing you want to see providing a donation?

Simple. You want to feel good about your contribution, and be assured that your money is being put to good use. And that’s exactly what No Kid Hungry does for all donors on their thank you page:

no kid hungry confirmation page

Customized message

After providing a donation, No Kid Hungry’s thank you page shows how the supporter has personally helped the cause, and provides a picture of a happy child to humanize the donation.

They also invite people to share their cause with their friends and family — and there’s no better time to do that than right after someone has donated.

11. MAC Thank You Page

As one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, MAC’s loyalty program, MAC Select, provides its members with the latest news and offers.

But MAC doesn’t stop after someone joins up. After putting in their details, members reach this page:

mac confirmation page

Secondary offers for the win

The goal here is simple: thank visitors for joining, and prompt them to create an account. And while MAC stresses that it’s completely optional, they also provide an incentive for members to create an account: the ability to redeem exclusive online benefits.

If a member has already gotten this far, creating an account seems like a small action to do in exchange for extra benefits. By presenting this extra CTA, MAC seamlessly uses their thank you page to encourage members to move through the conversion funnel.

12. Unbounce Thank You Page

Unbounce is a provider that promises to help businesses create high-converting landing pages. With such a big promise, it comes as no surprise that their thank you message is a great example of how a post-conversion page can work hard for a brand:

unbounce thank you page

Humorous + Witty + Informative

Bold? Absolutely. But every aspect of the page is also highly personalized and designed to build a relationship with the visitor.

Unbounce includes clear instructions on what to do next, and does so with a light-hearted tone that establishes trust with the visitor. The sign-off from Unbounce’s VP Marketing is also a nice touch that humanizes the entire interaction.

13. Atlas Coffee Club Thank You Page

Just because someone redeems a coupon, it doesn’t mean they’re going to convert. That’s why Atlas Coffee Club uses their thank you page as an opportunity to encourage visitors to seal the deal.

After redeeming a coupon for a subscription box on their website, this page pops up:

atlas confirmation page

Mmm coffee ☕

After a quick thank you for applying the discount, Atlas Coffee Club jumps straight into the next part of the subscription process. They capitalize on the momentum of someone redeeming a discount code, and use this to guide them to complete their transaction.

The beauty of this page is that the transition is so seamless, most customers won’t even notice it. All up, it’s the perfect example of how thank you pages can help skyrocket conversions.

14. Cup & Leaf Thank You Page

Staying in the coffee and tea industry, Cup & Leaf also uses their thank you page to drive visitors to convert into paying customers. After taking a quiz to determine the best type of tea, users are directed to this page:

cup and leaf confirmation page


While the page doesn’t explicitly say “thank you for completing the quiz”, it thanks them in a different way: by providing a tailored discount code based on the user’s quiz result. Cup & Leaf then hit a home run by using a strong, tailored CTA to shop for the products recommended from the quiz.

15. Morning Brew Thank You Page

Despite its name, this one isn’t another coffee-related thank you page. Morning Brew, a daily business newsletter, provides users with this thank you after they sign up:

thank you page morning brew

Well done ?

On top of confirming the visitor’s subscription and reminding them to check their inbox, Morning Brew also uses this page to keep visitors on the site by linking to their latest issue. They also share a little bit about their mission to provide context to the newsletter and build engagement with their subscribers.

16. Snack Nation Thank You Page

Here’s another prime example of a thank you page being used to funnel leads through the buyer journey.

Snack Nation, a snack subscription box for offices, offers a free eBook filled with employee engagement ideas. After signing up to get the eBook, visitors land on this thank you page:

confirmation page snacknation

Free snacks, yes please!

Once someone signs up for their eBook, Snack Nation already knows the lead is interested in increasing employee engagement — the prime target audience for their product.

Armed with this information, Snack Nation then takes it one step further by offering these leads a free sample snack box, encouraging them to try the product (and eventually convert to a paying customer).

17. Nita Suri Thank You Page

If upselling isn’t your thing, you can also use your thank you page as a way to build up awareness for your company’s CSR. After someone makes a purchase with Nita Suri, the thank you page includes this message:

donation page nita

It feels good to donate (especially when it’s free)

By offering the customer a chance to donate to a charity for free, Nita Suri strengthens its brand image and positions itself as a socially responsible brand that gives back.

Plus, this little gesture could encourage repeat purchases and build up customer loyalty down the line. Because ultimately, if you have the choice to shop with a brand that donates to charity vs. one that doesn’t, which would you choose?

18. WWF Thank You Page

Another non-profit organization, the World Wildlife Foundation relies on donations to help achieve their goals. After making a donation, supporters land on this page:

wwf thank you page

Now that’s something to be proud of ?

Like No Kid Hungry, the WWF uses the thank you page as an opportunity to make supporters feel good about their donation. On top of showing gratitude, they show the impact of the donation through an engaging video of what WWF achieved, all with the help of supporters.

19. BookDepository Thank You Page

Once a customer has made a purchase, the most important goal for any brand is to encourage them to come back again. And again. And again. BookDepository does this by providing a discount code for future purchases on their thank you page, like so:

confirmation page book depository

Everyone loves a good discount!

By providing a discount voucher, Book Depository gives its customers a reason to come back and shop with them again. It’s a stellar example of using the thank you page as an ROI machine to encourage repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

20. iTunes Thank You Page

Apple has one goal: to get you using more of its products and services. That’s why, once a user downloads iTunes, Apple uses its thank you page to encourage people to download Apple Music for free on their other devices:

confirmation page apple

Free trials always get me

By offering a three-month trial, Apple hooks in new iTunes users and provides them with a low barrier to entry to get Apple Music. And once they’ve tried Apple Music, it’s much easier to get them to continue paying for a subscription.

21. Dropbox Thank You Page

As we mentioned earlier, thank you pages are a great way to encourage customers to refer friends and spread the word. After a user signs up for an account, Dropbox does just that by offering a referral bonus:

dropbox confirmation page

Free space

By providing users with extra space if they refer friends, Dropbox gives them a strong incentive to spread the word. They also use their thank you page as an opportunity to subtly upsell an upgrade.

22. ChefSteps Thank You Page

Thank you pages are the perfect time to learn more about your customer, so you can provide them with tailored recommendations down the track. ChefSteps uses its thank you page to gather valuable data about their customer using this interactive quiz:

chef steps

Learn more about your customers

By doing this, ChefSteps gets deeper insights into their customers’ interests — allowing them to tailor their products, services, and content accordingly.

23. Washington Nationals Thank You Page

To round off the list, here’s a great example of a thank you page from the Washington Nationals’ website.

The Nationals teamed up with Captain Morgan to run a competition for the upcoming baseball season. Once people submitted their entry, they were given the option to share the contest on Facebook via this page:

washington nationals confirmation page

Creative CTA

What works really well here is the subtle CTA. Rather than using a straightforward message like “Follow us on Facebook”, the Nationals personalize the CTA by making entrants feel like they’re celebrating with a friend on social media.

Ready To Turn Your Thank You Page Into A Conversion Asset?

The thank you page is a critical piece in your custom journey, and it deserves to be treated like an asset rather than an afterthought.

With the help of this post and these examples, hopefully, you have a clear idea of how to improve your thank you page and turn it into a conversion asset.

Remember to do the following with your page:

  1. Communicate your genuine appreciation
  2. Tell readers what to expect moving forward
  3. Invite the readers to take further action

Your thank you page is also uniquely suited for conversion rate optimization, so once you’re finished with these initial improvements, check out our CRO guide and try running a few tests. There’s no limit to how far you can optimize, and as we’ve hopefully explained today, your thank you page is worth the effort.

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