The best Facebook ad examples change every year.

Brands advertising on Facebook learn what’s working and double down on best practices. And other advertisers – like you while reading this article – acquire new ideas to test out.

To give you some cool ad examples and ideas, we collected the latest ad screenshots from brands like Airbnb, Nike, Slack, Netflix, Amazon, The New York Times and many more.

On top of that, we listed all the reasons that these ads work. So that you can mix and match all these tips in your Facebook PPC strategy. 😌

In case you want to check out the Facebook ads of any specific brands, here’s a pro tip: Go to Facebook Ad Library and browse any company’s current ad creatives.

facebook ad library

See other brands’ ads in the Facebook Ad Library

But now, without further ado, here are 36 excellent Facebook ad examples to analyze, learn from, and copy to a sneaky, non-imitative extent.

1. Airbnb

This Facebook ad by Airbnb starts with a question, asking the viewer whether they have a second home or if they’re going on a holiday. Up next, it’s proposing to rent out the apartment while they’re not using it.

airbnb facebook ad

Airbnb ad asks a question

Posing a question right in the ad creative is a good way to catch your target audience’s attention. If they answer “yes” in their mind, it is also highly likely that they’ll read the rest of the ad copy.

Don’t have enough room in the image to fit all the copy and questions? You can also create a video and place your question(s) in multiple scenes to pass Facebook’s low-text rule.

Key Takeaway: Ask a question in the ad image to capture people’s attention and increase the engagement rate of your ad.

2. Amazon Kindle

So you’ve got a subscription service, but it’s difficult to get people to sign up and test it? Try the Amazon approach by offering a limited-time free subscription to new users.

kindle facebook ad

Amazon Kindle ad offers a 3-month trial period

This Amazon Kindle ad works well for several reasons:

  1. It offers a 3-month free trial, letting people test the service without any monetary commitment.
  2. It has placed its key message – the free trial offer – right in the ad image. (That’s the part of your Facebook ads that people notice and read first)
  3. It showcases the product, which in Amazon’s case, is the e-books.

Key Takeaway: Offer a free trial period for your subscription service to get more people to sign up and check it out.

3. N26

The reason we like this ad by pre-paid credit card service N26 is that it shows clearly what their product is about: a credit card managed through a mobile app. Simple as that!

n26 facebook ad

N26 ad’s copy lists the top benefits

Also, notice how N26 lists their product’s benefits by using the “✓” emoji, making the list easier to grasp. Another best practice used in this ad is mentioning the time it takes to open your account: Open an account in 8min.

Key Takeaway: Showing a visual of your product is always a surefire choice. The reason it works is that people will immediately understand what is advertised and if interested, will continue reading the rest of your ad.

4. Nike

Raise your hand if you wouldn’t get caught scrolling through their Facebook feed when a cool sneaker shows up. Um… not us… And the same is probably true for millions of other people.

Nike’s promotion is a good example of an established company’s Facebook ad. They’ve got strong enough brand awareness to simply use a picture of a product in the ad image.

But the bright-colored sneaker isn’t all that’s working in favor of this ad.

nike facebook ad

Nike’s ad captures all sneaker lovers’ attention

Notice the ad copy that promotes the promo code WINSTREAK that will give you off 20% on all sale styles, until a set period of time.

Key Takeaway: Give people an extra reason to click through shopping ads by including a discount offer.

5. Spotify

We mostly like this Spotify ad because of its simplicity. The ad creative is basically a mix of a colored gradient background, bold copy, and the company’s logo.

Which makes it the perfect Facebook ad image for anyone just starting out (or for those with small budgets). You can use tools like Canva, Photoshop, Sketch, etc. to create basic visuals.

spotify facebook ad

Spotify uses a very simple ad image layout

The simple colorful background this ad uses helps it jump out in the newsfeed and grabs your attention. As for the ad copy, Spotify cuts straight to the point, promoting their podcast benefits like how you can listen to them for free.

Key Takeaway: If you don’t have the skill or the budget to create fancy visuals, just use a colorful background and bold copy.

6. The Economist

The Economist’s Facebook ad example is another good example of using eye-popping colors.

Note that the bright yellow isn’t The Economist’s primary brand color. When it comes to Facebook ads, it’s sometimes worth using off-brand bright colors to address the audiences that wouldn’t react to your regular brand CVI (Corporate Visual Identity).

the economist facebook ad

The Economist uses bright colors in the ad image

To be honest, the ad copy could be stronger, and placing the special offer (Try for 12 weeks) in the ad image would probably improve the click-through rates.

Key Takeaway: Test using radiant background colors in your ad images to boost engagement and click-through rates.

7. M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Cosmetics’ holiday-themed ad shows off a limited-time collection and touches on the Christmas mood.

Using seasonal ad messages (and creatives) is a good way to mix some new creatives into your existing ad campaigns.

We sometimes even recommend companies keep two types of ad campaigns: The ones that are running year-round, and another type that’s only added seasonally and includes special offers.

mac facebook ad

M.A.C. Cosmetics runs a seasonal campaign

Another smart angle to take away from this ad example lies in the main text: “Get … for $74.50 ($168 Value).” By showing that the advertised product is worth 2x its listed price, M.A.C. Cosmetics manages to create a sense of urgency and makes the purchase look like a bargain.

Key Takeaway 1: Test Facebook ads with seasonal messaging and visuals for higher relevancy and engagement rates.

Key Takeaway 2: When selling a value pack, list both the selling price of your product and its nominal value – this will make the offer look like a great deal.

8. Asos

The Asos ad is a cool example of using playful design elements to bring more life to regular photos.

The colorful background combined with star- and rectangle-shaped text boxes differentiate the ad creative from other pictures in the Facebook news feed.

asos facebook ad

Asos uses playful design elements

Would the Asos-style fun visual language also work for your brand? – It highly depends on your target audience. When planning new ad creatives, always keep your target audience in mind. In Asos’ case, it’s teenagers and professionals who are used to seeing colorful branding on the retailer’s website and packaging.

Key Takeaway: Use simple colorful design elements to turn stock photos (or brand images) into eye-catching and playful ad visuals.

9. Ferm LIVING

There are a few interesting ideas to notice in this Ferm LIVING ad:

Firstly, the idea of promoting a gift card is not something that brands often think about. Yet it’s the perfect product to promote to your past purchasers – they already like your products and may want to give them as gifts to their friends or family.

ferm facebook ad

Ferm LIVING promotes a gift card

The other idea we’d like to point out is the use of fully capitalized words to emphasize parts of the ad copy.

Thirdly, we support the idea of placing the website link in the main text area – it can result in extra clicks from people that are not used to clicking on the ad image or call-to-action button below the ad.

Key Takeaway: Test including the website link in your Facebook ads’ main copy area to boost click-through rates.

10. Lyft

Lyft’s Facebook ad cuts right to the point: “Get 50% off your first 5 rides.”

Will this ad be effective? – Definitely!

According to Copyblogger, the best headlines are ultra-specific. They make a claim and a promise.

And there’s really no better way to be specific than by adding numbers which indicate exactly how much, how many, or for how long you can benefit from the offer.

lyft facebook ad

Lyft promotes a great discount offer

Want to give a discount to first-time users that find you via the ads, but not the rest of the pack?

This can be done by creating a special promo code in your back-end system that only applies to first-time orders – a practice widely used by ride-hailing and travel companies.

Key Takeaway: Advertise ultra-specific promo offers to first-time users to bring them on board and get them used to your product.

P.S. Don’t forget to make the first-time users’ experience excellent so that they’ll keep coming back to you even after the end of the promotion.

11. Fiverr

Another good Facebook ad template to use is your online product shown on the screens of laptop and smartphone screens.

This ad creative format is especially suitable for mobile apps and SaaS businesses – you can communicate visually even when you’re selling a digital product.

fiverr facebook ad

Fiverr uses mockups for a realistic image

As a side note, we can’t suggest that you imitate this ad copy. Instead, consider adding a promo offer or a list of benefits that would make the ad more appealing to the viewer.

On the other hand, a pro tip to remember and to test is mentioning the number of people already using your product. Fiverr’s Facebook ad notes that “over 2 million people use this” – a claim that really helps to build trust, especially with new audiences.

Key Takeaway: When promoting digital products (SaaS tools or mobile apps), create Facebook ad visuals with your product inside a phone/laptop mockup to show it in its “natural habitat” and immediately communicate what’s advertised.

12. Deliveroo

The Deliveroo ad is remarkably engaging. Its copy is written in a good flow and uses the target audience’s language.

Like the previous ad, it could benefit from a more specific call-to-action and a special offer to convince the viewer to click.

deliveroo facebook ad

Deliveroo’s got creative copywriters

Key Takeaway: Get creative with your ads’ copywriting (speaking the language of your customers), but don’t forget the best practices like having a clear call-to-action included.

13. Headspace

Can happiness be measured? According to Headspace, it can.

While in reality there is no definitive way to put a number value on a person’s happiness, surveying your user base can give you a hint.

And that’s exactly what Headspace has done – they ran a survey among their app users and found out that meditating helps relieve stress and increase the overall feeling of happiness.

headspace facebook ad

Headspace shares numbers from a user survey

As you already know, using numbers in ad copy is a strong selling point. The above Facebook ad example has mastered the art.

Any brand improves its users’ lives in some respect, and you can always come up with data points to measure

  • A B2B software tool can make teams X% more productive.
  • A cosmetics product can improve the softness of the skin by X%.
  • A fitness service can increase a person’s general well-being by X%.

Key Takeaway: Run user surveys to find out how your product improves people’s lives, and use the key findings as a selling point in your Facebook ads.

14. Asana Rebel

Here’s a good example of a mobile app Facebook ad image:

  • Download call-to-action – check
  • Mentions the app’s benefit – check
  • Shows what the app looks like – check
  • App store download icons – check
  • Brand logo – check
asana rebel facebook ad

Asana Rebel’s is the perfect app ad example

When advertising a mobile app, you can use the special Facebook app install ads campaign type that directs people directly to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device (iOS or Android). Also, the mobile app ads only show on mobile devices, so that users will land directly in the app stores and can quickly download the app.

Key Takeaway: When promoting mobile apps, use the “App Installs” campaign type and make sure it’s clear that the advertised product is a mobile app.

15. Blinkist

This Facebook ad by Blinkist has more than 300,000 views. I guess it’s working pretty well!

Whoever came up with the copy for the ad, made a smart pick – they made this ad about Elon Musk, a name that almost everyone knows (and wants to read more about).

bilnkist facebook ad

Blinkist’s ad refers  to a famous person

A lot of beauty and fashion brands use famous actors and models to promote their products. Why? – Because people want to be like them. By mentioning a well-known fact like Elon Must used to read 2 books a day, Blinkist draws attention from people that admire Musk and want to achieve as much as he has.

And then, after getting people to think “Hmm… maybe I should also read more,” the ad offers an easy solution: a mobile app that brings you the condensed ideas from bestselling books.

Key Takeaway: Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on hiring a famous person to promote your product, you can use well-known facts about them to link your product to their personal brand. You’ll probably still want to ask for their permission though unless you’re being extra sneaky.

16. MasterClass

Here’s another Facebook ad example that makes use of famous people.

Only this time, Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) is really a part of the online course that’s being promoted. Placing her in the ad video is a good pick.

masterclass facebook ad

MasterClass collaborates with celebrities

When selling online courses, it’s a good idea to show a preview of the course in Facebook ads, so that people know what they’ll be purchasing.

MasterClass runs ads for many different courses and lets Facebook algorithms optimize things to show people ads for the courses that are most relevant to them.

Key Takeaway: When promoting online courses, give a sneak peek of them by using the video ad format.

17. Slack

Slack’s 2019 advertising campaign was a huge multi-channel undertaking. They used the same creatives across print and online ad channels, using both static and video formats.

slack facebook ad

Slack’s ad is part of a big awareness campaign

This Facebook ad has the goal of increasing brand awareness rather than getting people to immediately purchase the Premium tier of Slack’s software. However, the ad image still includes a CTA button to test out the tool.

It’s an interesting approach for other SaaS businesses as well: give small companies free tools for managing their workflow and as they grow, they’ll start using your paid services.

Key Takeaway: Run brand awareness ads on top of your conversion campaigns.

💥Fun fact that goes to the 2019 Advertising Annals: The workplace software behemoth Microsoft came out with a copycat marketing campaign a few months after Slack, to which they replied to with a Tweet showing how Microsoft had created almost the exact same visual ads.

slack tweet

Microsoft literally copied Slack’s ad campaign 🤷

18. Architectural Digest

Sharing blog articles on Facebook and adding some budget to increase their reach is always a smart idea. After all, you’ve spent 10+ hours on writing and publishing the article, so you should make sure it reaches your target audience.

That’s exactly what Architectural Digest is doing. This Facebook ad could be promoted to a wide audience first and then you could build a Custom Audience of people who click and visit the landing page.

Now Architectural Digest could promote a sales offer to the remarketing audience, knowing that they’re interested in the topic.

AD facebook ad

Architectural Digest uses an interesting double headline hack

Another very interesting thing about this specific ad is the double use of article headline – both in the ad image and headline. Looks like a creative idea we’ll be definitely testing out at some point!

Key Takeaway: Use Facebook ads to promote your blog articles for reaching a wider audience. The organic reach of your Facebook posts can be as low as 2% of page followers.

19. Byredo

This Facebook ad example by Byredo showcases their various products in a carousel format.

A few things we like about this carousel ad:

  • All product photos look high-quality and simple.
  • The product name is always listed in the headline.
  • The prices are listed so that people can already shop while watching the ad.
byredo facebook ad

Byredo advertises a carousel ad with many products

If you’re planning to run Facebook carousel ads with various products, we recommend testing two options: one with prices included and the other one without. For some brands, showing the prices in ads works well and increases the click-through rates. However, it can also backfire as people will consider some products too expensive and won’t investigate further.

Key Takeaway: If you’re selling several consumer products, test the Facebook carousel ad format that allows you to showcase up to 10 different cards in one ad.

20. App Annie

The App Annie ad is another example of content marketing through Facebook advertising.

In this case, the company’s promoting a guide on app store optimization. As you click on the ad, it leads you to a landing page where you have to leave your contact details in return for the downloadable guide.

app annie facebook ad

App Annie promotes gated content

Using gated content is a good low-threat offer to educate your audience about your product and its benefits.

To add some critique to the mix, we think this ad would be even more efficient if it listed the key points that the reader can learn from the guide. 😉

Key Takeaway: Use Facebook ads to promote gated content – to get new users to your marketing/sales funnel and create initial interest in the Awareness stage.

Read more about using Facebook ads in various stages of your B2B marketing funnel here: B2B Facebook Ads – The Complete Guide to Grow Sales in 2019

21. Amazon

You may not be aware of the fact that Amazon is an ad network in its own right. In fact, Amazon will earn almost $10 billion in US net digital ad revenues this year. That’s an increase of more than 33% compared to 2018.

However, even the biggest ad networks occasionally use other ad channels to reach new audiences. (LinkedIn also used to advertise its ad product to marketers via Facebook ads.)

In this case, Amazon is running Facebook ads to draw attention to its Black Friday special deals.

amazon facebook ad

Even Amazon is advertising on Facebook

Note the red “Today’s Deals” add-on in the ad image. Such call-to-actions will make your ad look more like a special offer and help to draw attention (and clicks).

For us, the main takeaway from this ad is the fact that even Amazon uses Facebook’s ad platform to reach its users. And it makes sense to expand to more than just one ad channel to reach all of your potential customers.

Key Takeaway: Use a mix of various ad channels to reach the widest possible audience. This can mean Facebook, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many-many other advertising providers.

22. The Wall Street Journal

A good way to acquire users with a high lifetime value is to first get them used to your product. So that in a few months, they couldn’t imagine their lives without it.

That’s what this Facebook ad by the Wall Street Journal is aiming for. By offering a 3-month unlimited subscription for just €1, it attracts new readers that aren’t ready to commit to a more expensive service yet.

wall street journal facebook ad

The Wall Street Journal has a good entry offer

It’s a common practice among publishers and other subscription service providers to offer limited-time discount offers for people open to testing out the product.

But why not give away the 3-month subscription for free? By getting people to commit for a low fee, brands can ensure that they’ll be actually using the product. If you give away things for free, people tend to automatically devalue it.

Key Takeaway: When marketing a subscription service, offer a limited-time low-cost test period to bring new users onboard.

23. HubSpot

This HubSpot ad is a great example of content promotion par excellence. Here’s why:

  • The ad image showcases the product – an eBook.
  • It’s stated clearly what is being offered “50 Best Facebook Ads.”
  • There’s a FREE sign in the ad image, and people love free stuff.
hubspot facebook ad

HubSpot promoted a FREE e-book

Also, as you already learned from some previous Facebook ad examples, using a combination of a bright-colored background and bold copy is a surefire way to set your ad up for success.

Key Takeaway: When you’re promoting something that people can get for free, make the “FREE” part clearly visible in your ad creative.

24. Teabox

This carousel ad by Teabox is a masterful example of promoting a discount offer, then following up with a more specific product showcase.

The “up to” wording is a smart hack for showing off the highest possible discount rate, even though not all the prices are reduced at that level.

teabox facebook ad

Teabox advertises a seasonal discount

Instead of the default call-to-action message “Learn More,” Teabox is using a more aggressive “Shop Now.” We recommend using the call-to-action button that’s closest to the action that you want people to take after clicking on your ad. So, if you want people to shop instead of learning more, make it clear by using the respective CTA button.

Key Takeaway: When promoting a discount offer, show the highest percentage in the ad image.

25. VSCO

VSCO is showcasing its photo editing app in a stylized video ad that presents how custom filters can make a regular photo look much more professional.

Another thing we like about this ad is the main text: It mentions the number of available editing presets, hints that people should install the app, and makes it clear that the app is free.

vsco facebook ad

VSCO shows off their app’s features

Even the ad’s headline repeats the same message: “Install the free VSCO app.” – repeating your key selling point and call-to-action in various parts of the ad is usually a good idea.

Key Takeaway: Keep your ad copy clear, mention the key benefit of your product, and if you’re advertising a free-to-enter service, don’t forget to mention it!

26. Finnish Design Shop

Would you click on a Facebook ad from a new brand that’s offering only a 10% discount? – Maybe, but to be fair, ten percent is not that much…

Unless you’re a loyal customer who generally purchases things at full price. In this case, being able to buy some items you wanted at a small discount can be a great offer.

finnish design shop facebook ad

Finnish Design Shop gives 10% off on everything

This Facebook ad by Finnish Design Shop works best when targeted on a Custom Audience of past purchasers.

Also, note how many times the 10% discount offer is mentioned throughout the ad. Adding a limited-time sales period gives people an extra reason to act NOW.

Key Takeaway: If you want to boost sales in your online store, run Facebook ads with a small discount offer to an audience of past purchasers – being able to buy items slightly cheaper can be just the small nudge they need to decide faster.

P.S. We think they could make this ad even better by offering a bigger discount or the current discount plus free shipping. Free shipping is usually a small price to pay and may give people that extra nudge to make a purchase.

27. Scoro

Facebook ads are not just for selling products. You can use Facebook ads to distribute all kinds of messages like blog articles, e-books, and even job offers.

Scoro’s Facebook ad is not a regular marketing ad but is promoting a job offer for a UI/UX designer. It’s also a good strategy for capturing the attention of people not browsing around on job sites.

scoro facebook ad

Scoro uses Facebook ads for hiring

When setting up hiring ads through Facebook, we recommend targeting the city where your office is located and adding a layer of interest-based targeting, based on whom you’re looking for.

For example, if you were advertising a job offer for a PPC specialist, you could target interests such as “online advertising” and “digital marketing.”

Key Takeaway: You can use Facebook ads to promote job offers and get new people to join your team.

28. The Sill

The Sill has an interesting approach to addressing their target audience.

By promoting houseplants suitable for beginners and low-light apartments, they’re approaching people with specific reasons for not getting houseplants. This tactic helps tackle the most common objections why some people aren’t buying houseplants and convinces them to give it a try.

the sill facebook ad

The Sill’s ad confronts common objections

Did you spot the “free shipping on orders over $50” note above the carousel images? – Here’s another objection solved: you don’t need to pay extra for getting the plants shipped to your house.

Key Takeaway: Uncover the most common objections why people may shy away from purchasing your product. Then, offer a solution to each of them through strategic Facebook ads messaging.

29. Asana

Asana’s Facebook ads have always been one of our favorites when it comes to advertising SaaS (Software as a Service) tools – they’re simple yet well-designed and on-brand.

The catchphrase “turn ideas into workable plans” addresses their target audience and shows how Asana can bring clarity to everyday project management.

asana facebook ad

Asana has simplified its product for ad image

Another detail we like about this ad is a Google ad-extension-style link description that lists 3 product benefits in short sentences. Efficient and clear!

Key Takeaway: When creating a Facebook ad visual of an otherwise complex digital product, you can create a stylized simplified version that communicates the main essence of your product.

30. John Lewis

On top of building landing pages and publishing blog articles, there are other interesting ways to engage with your digital audience. Like… What?

Online quizzes, for example! 🎡

This Facebook ad by John Lewis invites people to take a quiz to find which style of Christmas baubles match their personality. A bit far-fetched, but engaging for sure.

john lewis facebook ad

John Lewis invites people to take a quiz

Online quizzes are a fun way to heat up the flames in cold audiences’ hearts. Then you can promote the products you want to sell on the quiz’ results page.

Key Takeaway: Experiment with engaging digital experiences to convert new (cold) audiences into customers.


There’s no doubt we like the TIDAL ad because of its low-barrier trial offer.

This aside, the Facebook ad copy also makes great use of emojis, using the alerting signage to draw attention to the special deal.

tidal facebook ad

TIDAL invites people to get a free trial

Again another ad that repeats their promo offer throughout 3 places in the ad. It would probably be a better idea to use at least one text placement to also talk about the product’s benefits.

Key Takeaway: Use emojis in your ad copy to draw extra attention and turn otherwise bland copy into a more playful reading experience.

32. Blue Bottle Coffee

You already saw a couple of Facebook carousel ads that showcased multiple products. Here’s a good example of a single-image product ad.

We recommend testing both single-image and carousel ads for promoting your eCommerce business. Sometimes, carousel ads tend to have higher cost-per-click, so make sure you’re paying the lowest Facebook ad cost by using multiple formats.

blue bottle coffee facebook ad

Blue Bottle Coffee uses single-image product ads

A good product photo goes a long way in helping to make your ads stand out. If you don’t have the tools and know-how then hire a professional photographer to create a high-quality product gallery.

Key Takeaway: Test both carousel and single-image ads when promoting your e-store items, one of the options might result in a lower cost-per-result.

33. Barkbox

The thing we like most about BarkBox’s ads is that they’ve got a strong brand identity – both in the ad image and copy.

Here’s how to create recognizable branding for your Facebook ads:

  • Use a special style of writing, either fun, filled with emojis, or simple and clear. Just make sure to stay consistent!
  • Use custom icons or branded characters with recognizable style across all your ad images.
  • Apply a custom font that’s unique to your brand.
barkbox facebook ad

BarkBox has a branded ad style

BarkBox’s Facebook ad also includes an attractive promo offer that invites the new users to get free goodies with the first order.

Key Takeaway: Develop a recognizable style for your Facebook ads, so that people who have seen your ad will also remember the brand when seeing it in real life or across other online channels.

34. The New York Times

This one is an interesting example of placing 80% of the ad copy in the image, and using other text placements only to say that “the offer ends soon” and “subscribe today.”

The New York Times runs similar limited-time offers regularly, and this ad looks like it’s targeted on their online subscribers’ audience.

nyt facebook ad

The New York Times put 80% of copy in the ad image

As you can see from the Play button on the screenshot, this is actually a video ad. You can simply animate your static image ads by using Facebook’s native tools in the Ads Manager. We recommend testing both video and image ads to see which format works best for your brand.

But if you plan to put this much text in your ad’s image then turning it into a video is the easiest way to avoid Facebook’s 20% text penalty.

Key Takeaway: Test both videos and static images to see which works best in your Facebook ad campaigns. We’ve seen both working, depending on the brand and product.

35. Netflix

When advertising a product that provides people with high-quality video content, it makes all the sense in the world to show it off.

That’s exactly what Netflix is doing, using Facebook ads as a channel for promoting their latest series and movies.

netflix facebook ad

Netflix is showing off its video content

The above ad would work well for both new and existing audiences.

Key Takeaway: If you’ve got plenty of amazing video content in your hands, make use of it! Run Facebook video ads that give a sneak peek to your content.

36. Facebook

Facebook advertising is so efficient that even Facebook itself is doing it!

In this Facebook ad example, the social media network is promoting its Fundraising platform, stating that it will match the first $7M of donations made through the campaign. That’s pretty grand, huh?

facebook facebook ad

Facebook is promoting its new features

What Facebook is essentially doing with this ad is promoting a new feature, making sure that all its users are aware of the opportunity. You too can use Facebook ads to inform your existing user base about new products in your online store or new software/app features.

Key Takeaway: Use Facebook ads to communicate your latest news to a wide audience.

That’s All The Facebook Ad Examples… For Now

Alright, folks, that’s it! We hope you got some new cool ideas for your next Facebook ad campaigns. 🚀

If you want to learn about PPC advertising, be sure to check out our blog. And in case you’re hungry for more Facebook ad examples, visit the Facebook Ad Library for an endless treasure trove of creatives.

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