Audible Genius scaled from zero to 942 conversions per month in less than three months.

Their Story

Audible Genius released a new digital audio education course and needed a full-funnel solution for driving awareness, consideration, and sales. Linear built everything from ad accounts to creative and landing pages from the ground up.

Linear’s design quality of both their ads and landing pages are top-notch. They look fantastic and do a great job of conveying the benefits of our product. And their ability to pivot and make changes according to conversion data is quick and efficient.

Joe Hanley

Founder/CEO @ Audible Genius

What we did.

Linear’s expert team dedicates personal attention to helping clients succeed.

  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Continuous A/B Testing
  • Custom Animated Display Ads
  • Specific Intent Campaigns
  • Facebook + Instagram Campaigns

The Results.

In the first 3-months of working with Linear, Audible Genius went from zero to almost one thousand conversions.

Total Conversions
Conversion Rates
Cost Per Acquisition

“With Linear Design, I feel like a valued client. I always feel heard by them, and they always take my requests and views into real consideration. I don’t feel like a cog in the wheel as I have in the past with larger companies. Their personal touch is outstanding.”

Joe Hanley
Founder/CEO – Audible Genius

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